Nickel Back Bottle & Can Return

Nickel Back Bottle & Can Return

Get your "Nickel Back"

NEW LOCATION! We are now located kiddie corner from our old location behind Hadlocks House of Paint & Asian Fusion! Follow access road to rear building.


 I pay you the full NYS .05 cent deposit for your containers!

How does a redemption center benefit you?

     Are you tired of feeding your containers into a slow machine? They get full. Break down before you finish?  Bring them to "Nickel Back" Bottle and Can Return!  Easy, convenient,  priceless...

Would you rather donate the proceeds to the Marching Band? Church? Fire Dept.? I have an account set up for them and many other organizations in the area, bring them in today.        

  • The stores restrict your daily return to 240, I have no limit.
  • I empty your bags, count, & pay the full 5 cent deposit per redeemable container.
  • Have a lot of errands to run, not a lot of time? Drop off your containers and stop back later  for the money.
  • I accept containers from all stores and all brands as long as they have the NYS 5cent label.
  • Redemption centers redeem your NYS beverage containers for you so that you are able to get your deposit that you have paid on them,  We are not a recycling center (I cannot take your wine, fruit juice, iced tea or milk containers, these do not have a 5 cent deposit on them, thank you for understanding)

Nickel Back Bottle and Can Return: a NYS Redemption Center located at 659 Ridge Road in Webster, NY.   585-690-5805.

Want to have a Bottle & Can Drive?   Having a bottle and can drive? you are welcome to return these containers at Nickel Back. This is a fast & easy way to raise money for your organization. If all members, parents, teachers and community residents donate, it all adds up and you could reach your goal or surpass it in no time.

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